I’m Kate O’Neill Rauber and I ask a lot of questions. A lot.

imageIn fact, I may have been compared to a “60 Minutes” reporter.

Or a KGB agent.

By my husband.

While a potential liability in marriage, my inquisitive nature is an asset to clients.

Asking questions lets me draw out important information about your communications goals and challenges, and learn the ins and outs of your business.

With this insight, I can recommend a comprehensive content strategy, effective messaging and the right vehicles for reaching your target audiences.

External. Internal. Executive. Social. HR communications.

Let’s talk about your goals and develop a content strategy that spans cultures and time zones. Let’s work through sticky messages and get to the bottom of the communication issues impacting your business.

I promise to leave the interrogation lights at home.

About KOR

Quarterback. Wingman. Chief Idea Officer.

Whether you call me “Kate” or one of these fancy titles, I’m your go-to when you:

  • Need a content strategist, content writer or just someone to generate fresh ideas
  • Want a ghostwriter for executive blogs, LinkedIn posts, bylined articles, speeches, internal communications and more
  • Want to position an executive as an industry thought leader or resource
  • Aren’t sure how to write or say something sticky or complex
  • Want to reach reporters, bloggers and key influencers
  • Need someone to poke holes in the plan
  • Made the front page for the wrong reasons
  • Want a positive — but firm — resource for presentation or media training
  • Could use a hand writing your bio, resume or other personal branding tools

My ninth grade math teacher would advise you not to call me if the books aren’t balancing.

I’ve worn agency, corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit hats. I fully grasp the concept of “internal clients.” And, chances are, I’ve sat where you sit.

I’m polished but unvarnished. I exercise like an Olympian. And, I just started meditating. (Haven’t yet mastered the concept of sitting still.)

I usually have something to say. But on the rare occasion I’m stumped (Think: frequency of Halley’s Comet), I wash dishes.

I’m unapologetically competitive. I love being on a team and I really love helping my clients win.

Let’s talk about how I can help your team score big.