9:39 p.m.

Last week I received an awesome compliment. A colleague — whom I don’t know that well — introduced me in a meeting as, “This is Kate. She’s fearless.”


It was unprompted. It was unexpected. And, it made me think that the way others see us is often far from how we view ourselves.

Because clearly, stuff scares me.

Like heights. My hands sweat just thinking about the top row of a stadium.

And, clowns. It’s really anything with a mask. Creeeeepy.

And, you’ll love this one: prison. Yes, I’m afraid of going to prison.

No, I haven’t broken the law. But, I have a weird fear of being convicted of a crime I didn’t commit. And, being sent to solitary confinement.

Have I mentioned I’m an extrovert?

Fearless. Someone thinks I’m fearless.

How do I make the tape that plays in my head match my colleague’s image of me?

10:02 p.m.


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