Dream jobs

9:15 p.m.

I’m constantly thinking of jobs I wish I had. Here’s this week’s list:

1. Talk show host. People fascinate me. I love learning their stories, their passions and what drives them.

I’ve even thought about starting a YouTube channel and interviewing my mom, my sister, my brother, my dog, my bird, my mom again, etc., until I have the “chops” for cable access. (Wayne’s World!)

2. Sideline reporter. But, only when the weather is nice. (My list. My rules.) No softball questions allowed. Coaches get paid big bucks. I should be able to bring the heat.

3. Sports Illustrated photographer. I want to be so close I can hear what the athletes are saying. That and I want one of those cool press passes.

Dear Sports Illustrated, if you’re ever down a photog, my iPhone and I stand ready. I’ll even buy those fancy pants with all the pockets.

4. Professional athlete. And, not because of the money. (Though I wouldn’t leave that on the table.)

I’m a maniac when it comes to working out. I’m never really totally nice but without my cardio, I’m part barracuda.

A caveat: This dream job list will have changed by tomorrow. Last week I thought I wanted to own a landscape company. Really.

Oh, that laughing you hear? It’s my family. They’ll tell you I haven’t mowed one single lawn in my life. Not one.

And, that’s supposed to stop me from owning a landscape company?

9:48 p.m.


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