2:45 p.m.

I have a confession: I’ve never used an emoticon or an emoji.

Never. Not once.

No smiley faces. No hearts. No thumbs up. No ghosts. No semi-colon and right parenthesis.

My texts and emails are just words.

Emojis and emoticons are used to give context, temper, and express what you can’t get across in words or electronically.

But I don’t like ‘em.

My rule: If you need an emoji or emoticon to convey the real meaning or to prevent something from being misconstrued, you need to re-write the message.

It sounds hard core. Probably a little crabby. (Perfect spot for a crab emoji, right?) And, like I’m really stuffy.

But, I’m not.

It’s the same way I feel about superfluous exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

I don’t want little ghosts and cartoon characters (or excessive punctuation) muckin’ up my emails and texts.

It’s a losing battle. I know. Because everyone uses emojis and emoticons.

Everyone but me. [Sad face]

3:16 p.m.


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