Netflix, I blame you

2:35 p.m.

Netflix, I blame you.

You’re the reason my summer reading list is in the tank.

I get my daily dose of current events with USA Today for breakfast, CNN and WSJ for lunch, and then I fall asleep to the NY Times.

(This is where I say to myself: The NYT before bed? How old are you?)

But, my summer reading list sits waiting. Staring at me with its judge-y eyes.

I truly wanted to read “All the Light We Cannot See,” but instead, I made my way through five seasons — at 20 shows a season — of “Friday Night Lights.”

I’m almost embarrassed to admit I watched 100 episodes of TV about Texas football.

But, with clear eyes and a full heart — you knew that was coming — I professed my devotion to Coach Taylor.

Once “Friday” wrapped, I caught up on the latest season of “Scandal,” which I intentionally didn’t watch during prime time so I could binge watch during the summer.

(Hint: When you a Netflix plan, you officially have a problem.)

Two weeks later, “Scandal” was done and now, here I am, knee-deep in “Damages.”

I want to read books. That’s what educated people do. But: Glenn. Close. Is. Winning. She’s not just winning — she’s smirking at me the way she does right before she shreds her opposing counsel.

So, here I am, one week before Labor Day and my summer reading list sits collecting dust. But, I’m making excellent progress on season two of “Damages.”

After that, it will probably be “The Good Wife” on Amazon Prime. Then, there’s “Downton Abbey.” And, “The Americans.”

Meanwhile, my Goodreads list keeps getting longer…and lonelier.

2:56 p.m.