About 15 and 5

Before I start writing for clients, they almost always ask for writing samples

A legitimate request, right?

I have plenty of content to share. But, the samples are missing something important: an unedited view of my writing style.

If you’ve spent more than five minutes in corporate America, you know the content review cycle is shall we say … inclusive.

I draft something. My client reviews it. The company SME gives feedback. The executive in charge takes a gander. Then it’s on to legal (brace yourself!) and investor relations (horrors!).

After just a few stops on the feedback train, the document is finally ready for the intended audience. And, what started as my draft now has a lot of fingerprints on it.

Enter my blog. The goal is to give you an unvarnished look at how I truly write. And, how quickly I can do it.

It goes like this: I get 15 minutes to write about any topic. I then get five minutes to edit. I time stamp each post so you can see how long it took me to write.

Thus, 15 and 5.

There’s no legal or IR here. Just me. My thoughts. And, the clock.

Spoiler alert: I rarely make 20 minutes. (Can’t. Stop. Tinkering.)

Thankfully, my mentor reminded me what Captain Barbosa said: The pirate code isn’t so much a rule — but a guideline. Same goes for 15 and 5.

(Hold on: Does your mentor quote “Pirates of the Caribbean?”)

Topics range from whatever’s on my mind to whatever’s on my mind. Translation: the ridiculous to the really ridiculous.

It’s a 15-minute commentary on a subject I know better than anyone else – my life.